The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)

1The lamb lies down on broadway4:47📖
2Fly on a windshield4:22📖
3Broadway melody of 19740:32🎼
4Cuckoo cocoon2:10📖
5In the cage8:14📖
6The grand parade of lifeless packaging2:45📖
7Back in N.Y.C.5:44📖
8Hairless heart2:09🎼
9Counting out time3:41📖
10Carpet crawlers5:14📖
11The chamber of 32 doors5:39📖
12Lilywhite Lilith2:43📖
13The waiting room5:21🎼
15Here comes the supernatural anaesthetist2:59📖
16The lamia6:56📖
17Silent sorrow in empty boats3:06🎼
18The colony of slippermen8:12📖
20The light dies down on broadway3:32📖
21Riding the scree3:56📖
22In the rapids2:29📖