The lamb lies down on broadway

First release: 1974
Song written by: Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks

Official Versions

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Album, 1974)
Position: 1
Length: 4:47
Same version is also in:
- The lamb lies down on broadway/Counting out time (Single, 1974 - #1)
- Carpet crawl/The lamb lies down on broadway (Single, 1975 - #2)

Alternative Versions

Seconds Out (Album, 1977)
Position: 7
Length: 5:00
Version: Live

The Way We Walk - The Longs (Album, 1993)
Position: 2
Length: 2:40
Version: Live, Old Medley

Archive 1967-1975 (Box, 1998)
Position: 1
Length: 6:31
Version: Live

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