Watcher of the skies

First release: 1972
Song written by: Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks

Official Versions

Foxtrot (Album, 1972)
Position: 1
Length: 7:22

Alternative Versions

Watcher of the skies/Willow farm (Single, 1973)
Position: 1
Length: 3:41
Version: Single mix
Same version is also in:
- Archive 1967-1975 (Box, 1998 - #32)

Genesis Live (Album, 1973)
Position: 1
Length: 8:34
Version: Live

Three Sides Live [UK Edition] (Album, 1982)
Position: 13
Length: 6:45
Version: Medley with `It` - Live

If you like, you can find here the lyrics of Watcher of the skies.