1967A winter`s tale/One Eyed Hound
1968The silent sun/That`s me
1969Where the sour turns to sweet/In hiding
1969In the beginning/The serpent
1970Looking for someone/Visions of angels
1972Happy the man/Seven Stones
1973Watcher of the skies/Willow farm
1974I know what I like/Twilight alehouse
1974Counting out time/Riding the scree
1974The lamb lies down on broadway/Counting out time
1975Carpet crawl/The lamb lies down on broadway
1976Ripples/It`s yourself
1976A trick of the tail/Ripples
1976Entangled/A trick of the tail
1977Spot the Pigeon
1977Your own special way/It`s yourself
1977Your own special way/ that quiet earth
1978Many too many EP
1978Follow you, follow me/Ballad of big
1978Follow you, follow me/Inside and out
1978Go west young man/Scenes from a night`s dream
1980Duchess/Open door
1980Misunderstanding/Evidence of autumn
1980Misunderstanding/Behind the lines
1980Turn it on again/Evidence of autumn
1980Turn it on again
1981Keep it Dark/Naminanu
1981Abacab/Another Record
1981No Reply At All/Dodo
1981No Reply At All
1981Keep it Dark/Naminanu/Abacab
1981No Reply at All/Naminanu
1981Abacab/Who Dunnit
1982Man on the Corner/Submarine
1982Paperlate/You Might Recall
1983Mama (Edit)/It`s gonna get better
1983Mama (Long)/It`s gonna get better (Long)
1983Mama (Promo)
1983That`s All/Second Home By The Sea
1983That`s All/Takin` it all too hard
1983That`s All/Firth of Fifth (Live)
1983Illegal Alien/Turn it on Again
1983Taking it all too hard/Silver Rainbow
1983Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea
1983Home By The Sea/That's All
1986Land of Confusion (extended version)
1986Invisible Touch/The Last Domino
1986Invisible Touch (extended remix)
1986In too deep/I'd Rather Be You
1986In too deep/Do the Neurotic
1986Throwing it all away/Do the Neurotic
1987Throwing it all away/I'd rather be you
1987Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 12"
1991I can't dance/On the shoreline
1991I can't dance (Sex Mix)
1991No Son of Mine
1992Jesus he Knows Me/Hearts on Fire [1]
1992Invisible Touch (live)
1992I can't dance - Special Collectors
1992Hold on my Heart/Way of the World
1992Jesus He Knows Me/Hearts on Fire [2]
1992Tell me Why
1992Tell me Why [?] I
1992Tell me Why [?] II
1997Shipwrecked Part 2
1997Shipwrecked Part 1
1998Not About Us